Activate Arts

The Bracknell Centre

The Bracknell Centre is our main site and head office based in Kirkby. We acquired the building (formerly Newstead School) in October 2013 and renovated the building using funding provided by the SIB Group.

Our centre is a fully accessible integrated community and education facility specialising in providing programmes for young adults with learning difficulties and the local community. It is deemed to be the first of its kind in the country as it incorporates social enterprises, education and community services to ensure sustainability.

Our aim is to provide a facility that promotes inclusion and helps break down some of the barriers that our students face in

The site boasts a range of facilities such as a small animal care centre, on site café,
horticulture base, sensory pod and community room.

Funders & Partners

Activate Community and Education Services trading as Activate, is a not for profit company registered in England and Wales and Limited by Guarantee. Reg No: 5493554 | Charity No: 1123336

Phone: 0151 545 1279
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